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Seriously... [Aug. 20th, 2007|11:09 pm]
You're so shit sometimes


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I love you Pete. I truly do. Your music, poetry, fluffiness and legs all make me swoon....

But sometimes I think I would like to slap you in the face....

Pete Doherty arrested

Babyshambles frontman held for alleged drug possession in London

2 hours ago

Pete Doherty was arrested at 2am this morning (August 20) for suspected drug possession in London.

The Babyshambles frontman was apprehended in the Tower Hamlets borough of east London .

His car was stopped by police before his arrest, and the singer is now being held at an east London station.

Doherty had been banned from London after a court order earlier this month, but the ban was lifted for the weekend (August 18, 19) to allow him to travel to and from the V Festival.

The news will increase the singer's likelihood of facing jail next month. He is due for sentencing for previous drug offences in West Magistrate's Court on September 4.

District Judge Davinder Lachlar told Doherty at his last court hearing (August 7) that she would make her decision about his punishment based on how he conducted himself in relation to drugs up until September